Houston Interior Design


On April 2nd 2013 Morgan Moody said:

“Beverly Vosko has worked with me on several projects in my home. We hired a general contractor to renovate most of my house, and Beverly has helped me decide on fabrics, paint colors, hardware, light fixtures, drapes and all the other details that make a house into a home. Our personal tastes are quite different, and what I most like about Beverly, is that she always helps me work to the best of my ablilty within my own comfort zone. I like color, and my house is full of color, but thanks to Beverly, it all harmonizes beautifully. My husband insists on natural fabrics in our upholstery, and Beverly helped me find bamboo based fabrics that were durable, good looking, appealed to the touch, and were not too outrageously priced. Beverly is a Sotheby trained expert on antiques, but works comfortably with my own more eclectic and contemporary choices. She works very hard, and is an excellent interior designer. I think she could help anyone do any type of project to his or her house, and do it beautifully”

On March 15 2013 Brooke Candelaria said:

“Beverly’s passion for her work, combined with her thorough knowledge, make her a standout as an interior designer. It’s not just about the awards she has won and her many certifications, but it’s also about her tenacity and the search for the perfect solution. You can tell that Beverly truly enjoys what she does, and her attitude is infectious. Oh, and she knows everyone in the business – that helps too!”

On February 12th 2013 Chris Tresten said:

Beverly is a very professional decorator with many years experience in the industry.
Her knowledge of fabrics and decor are wonderful … I would highly recommend her expertise for remodeling or decorating a room,, We
have had her work throughout our home and love everything she has done for us!

On January 10th 2013 Mary Gryska said:

“Beverly stepped in to help me during an emergency flooding situation. A week after our house flooded, more than a dozen out of town relatives were arriving for a very special family event. Half of my house had to be torn apart and put together again and all the carpeting replaced in less than a week. Beverly made it all happen, with time to spare.”

On October 19th 2012 Dr. Concepcion Diaz-Arrastia, MD said:

” Beverly Vosko did a great job for us. She helped us decorate the living areas in our new home. She was very accommodating to my hectic schedule. We accomplished a lot in 2 months and met our target dates for completion of the differ segments of the project, which was very important to us. Our friends comment that the rooms definitively have our personal style,only better. I couldn’t be happier with her work.”

On Aprl 14th 2012 Doryce Schultz said:

“Ms. Vosko is an exceptional interior designer. She has taken the time to investigate my projects, learn my likes & dislikes, make excellent recommendations and research options to find the best pricing. I have been pleased with her attention to detail and the outcome of my remodeling projects have been beyond what I was hoping for. Just wish I had found her sooner! She is up to date on all the latest trends and technology. – truly amazing. ”

On Sept 15th 2011 Christine Roe said:

“I just had an excellent experience with interior designer Beverly Vosko. Beverly has been in business for 25 years and has established relationships with contractors and vendors throughout Houston. She is a very involved designer and was in constant communication with me during my project. She promptly informed me of lead-times and installation schedules and her pricing beat others around town. I felt very comfortable with the contractors she sent to my house. She’s definitely worth having a conversation with if you are in the market for a designer.”
Top Qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity